Friday, March 19, 2010

School Holidays & Qayyum Birthday

It was school holidays start on 13-21 March 2010. As usual, this is the time i'm waiting for. Feel free from the routine, wake up early and go to school every morning. Despite the work still need to be accomplish.Marking a paper and exercise books. It was my responsibility, so no need to complaint about it.

Nothing special happen during this period beside my son 2nd birthday. The ones who brings happiness and my life more meaningful. QAYYUM IMAN NURBADIZ. Born on 13 March 2008. Now already 2 years old. On the 13 March, we celebrated Qayyum birthday at kampung with his grandpa, grandma, uncle, auntie and cousins. Just with a cake.And after that, me and my husband celebrated Qayyum at Pizza Hut. Just three of us !

Qayyum, Happy Birthday....mama and papa will always love you. You was sent from ALLAH
to fill our hearts with happiness and touch our lives with love. We would give our all and always do our best to raise you my dear !!
Mama , Papa sayang Qayyum...

Birthday cake :)